The most important of body language

Make sure you are in a better position, and ready to go to an another point of view about how the body language is. To improve your social life, work and yourself are necessary to take action about how the body language works.
Is not that simple, you need to learn, to be focus about the significates, expressions, microexpressions, context, and social context.
In the body, language world is very important to know the context of the social space and the moment of the emotion.
You need to know about the context of people, and how do they feel in does situations.
Although the expressions and the micro expressions are universal, the moment of the situation is extremely important for you to can have an idea of what is happen at that moment.

Some recommendations are:

1. Make a good analysis: observe the situation, and what the people are saying, make sure the context and analyze people.
2. Make a test: you will not always be right, so please, first of all, make the test of what you want to know about people, and to get familiarized with expressions.
3. Be aware of everything: don’t take thinks personal.
5. ¡Do not bullying people, analyze them!: you need to understand the behavior of people and of you; if you start judging people, you will have no opportunities to grow in the body language world.

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